and Nevita International Sign MoU to Strengthen Pakistan-Turkey Ties


Nevita International and have entered into a business collaboration aimed at providing unlimited service for special and privileged project proposals under which the two countries will further improve on their ties on the political front.

Within the scope of this agreement, unlimited service for special and privileged project proposals, airport transportation, and field visits will be offered. Plus, those who apply for a Turkish passport will be provided with support from start to finish in all matters needed after the sale as well as assistance regarding the process.

Chairman Mian Ilyas signed the MoU with Nevita International and expressed high hopes from this collaboration, saying, “The collaboration will encourage more businesses to follow in our footsteps and discover business opportunities beyond our geographical borders, not only for the sake of getting international exposure, but also the pursuit of bringing nations together.”

Speaking of the collaboration, CEO Mian Muhammad Omer, stated, “Nevita International and share a common objective of bringing countries together through business ventures. Global digitization efforts have offered countless possibilities in this regard, and it is up to the business community to grab them with both hands and play their part in finding common goals with mutual benefits.”

“Through this partnership, we are optimistic to bring upon a feasible solution for investors looking to apply for a Turkish passport through investment (CIV) in the real estate sector by providing support in all necessary matters,” Mr Omer added.

Also sharing his thoughts, Nevita International Chairman Faruk Akbal, said, “We are extremely excited about our cooperation with Through this partnership, we aim to get acquainted with potential investors. Exclusivity will be granted to’s portal for those in the process of searching for a house in a particular region as a part of this project.”

Spearheaded by Chairman Ömer Faruk Akbal, Nevita International toured Pakistan earlier this year in March and exclusively met with the higher management of to discuss their aim of expanding their business relations with Pakistani companies.

The core business framework of Nevita International relates to real estate, and this sector just so happened to provide mutual business opportunities and interests to the two entities. During the initial meeting, it was decided that will help Nevita International penetrate the Pakistani market. With such a lucrative and promising business partnership in the works, there is much more that can be expected in the coming future

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