Pakistan Recalls All Staff from the UK


Instead of filing an appeal against the suspension, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to call back its employees deputed in England. The move will not only save PIA millions of rupees, but it will also provide the airline a chance to improve according to the national standards and redeem its reputation.

The decision to withdraw staff from the country was taken a day after employees stationed in various European destinations were ordered to return home.


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According to sources, 19 officers and staff members are currently operating PIA’s London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Bradford offices. Seven of them were deputed from Pakistan, while 12 were local citizens. Further, an engineer and a passenger sales manager from London have also been called back.

On Tuesday, PIA asked the staff deputed in Milan, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Barcelona to return to Pakistan after the closure of flights. The move will cut down PIA’s expenses, which is already bearing multibillion rupees losses due to a six-month flight ban from the UK, the US, and Europe.


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It is worth mentioning that despite the flight ban, the national airline is still providing travel facilities to the UK and Europe via alternative sources.

Two days ago, PIA decided not to file an appeal against the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) suspension of the PIA flights in European airspace.

The decision was taken in the backdrop of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) safety audit team, which is due in Pakistan on September 7. Authorities were of the view the following an audit, PIA will be in a better position to justify its claims regarding the operational and safety management systems.

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