Students Aren’t Allowed to Miss Classes Even if They Get Coronavirus: IBA Karachi


IBA Karachi informed their students through e-mail that they will not be given any leeway in case they contract the coronavirus. The notification has drawn a lot of criticism from students and the public. Educational institutes across the country are set to open on 15th September with strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place. The email sent by the university to its students shared the ‘new COVID-19 guidelines’ and also IBA’s decision of not granting any extra leaves to students who contract COVID-19.

The e-mail clearly states that no leeway will be given to the students in case they contract COVID-19 and at the same time they advised the students to avoid coming to the campus and isolate if they exhibit any symptoms of the virus.

According to IBA’s attendance policy, students are not allowed to miss more than five classes of each course, while some courses only allow a maximum of two leaves. Students who fail to adhere to the rules will be given an ‘F’ grade, which determines that the student has failed the course.

Regarding the SOPs that have to be followed the email stated:

All students are requested to follow safety measures such as wearing a mask on campus, frequent washing and sanitizing of hands, avoiding all forms of physical contact, and maintaining a physical distance of three to six feet with others.

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