K-Electric’s Internal Systems Go Down After Cyber Attack


Karachi’s sole electricity supplier, K-Electric’s IT system has come under a cyber-attack.

According to reports, K-Electric’s internal communication and connectivity with banks have been suspended as a result of the cyber-attack.


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The electricity supplier is yet to disclose the details about the origin of the cyber-attack and the true extent of the damage it has caused.

A K-Electric’s spokesperson has said that its IT department is making efforts to restore the internal communication and links with banks as soon as possible.

Last month, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) revealed that Indian hackers, in a series of cyber-attacks, had targeted phones of government officials and military personnel.


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However, Pakistani security agencies successfully foiled the cyber-attacks by the Indian intelligence agencies.

Following the cyber-attacks, intelligence agencies implemented several measures to consolidate the cybersecurity, said ISPR, adding that government institutions had also been directed to improve cybersecurity to avert such attacks in the future.

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