Another Leaked Video Shows LG Wing’s Flipping Displays in Action

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LG is just a week away from the launch of its experimental smartphone, the LG Wing. As the launch date nears, leaks and rumors are picking up pace. Initially, the smartphone showed up in a video courtesy Android Authority. Later, the company itself uploaded a teaser video of the unique smartphone on YouTube, confirming its existence.

Now the smartphone has made an appearance again in an unofficial video showing its swiveling display in motion.

One of the concerns that came with the T-shape form factor was the width of the smartphone. However, based on what we saw in the video, the LG Wing is slightly thicker than conventional smartphones. Unfortunately, other design elements of the phone are not visible in the video.

As far as the smartphone’s functionality is concerned, its form and rotating display are definitely unique, but we are still unsure as to what use cases it brings.

Previous videos and images have shown that the smartphone can handle two apps like the media app and Google maps at the same time but will consumers be ready to pay $1000 for just this considering it will not come with a flagship chipset? Moreover, how many third-party apps are going to support the unique dual display solution?

These questions may be answered at the launch event. So, stay tuned.


LG Wing Takes a Page Out of Nokia N90’s Book

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