Punjab Excise Dept Loses Registration Data of Over 600,000 Vehicles


As a result of a monumental misstep on the part of the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department, registration of more than 600,000 vehicles in the entire Punjab region turned out to be unauthentic.

Due to the said problem, excise department’s data of more than 600,000 vehicles across Punjab, including Lahore, is missing from the online system. The department claimed to have recorded the data of all the vehicles. However, the company that was responsible for scanning and recording the data online, made a mistake and now no trace of the data can be found in the database.


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The scanning firm representative informed DG Excise and taxation, Masood-ul-Haq, of the said issue and gave a breakdown of the 600,000 vehicles whose data was missing from the system. As per the breakdown, the records of 16,804 vehicles from Lahore Division, 110,000 from Bahawalpur, 85,000 from DG Khan and 28,859 vehicles from Faisalabad is nowhere to be found in the database.

Likewise, the data of 188,000 vehicles from Gujranwala, 25,000 from Rawalpindi, 42,000 from Sahiwal and 89,000 from Sargodha has also been deemed suspicious. Following this development, DG Excise and Taxation has sought complete records from all directors and concerned duty officers. He stressed that all records should be made online by September 2020, otherwise action would be taken against the concerned officials.


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The government of Punjab had ambitiously embarked upon a digitization drive in the recent months. However, the possible unfamiliarity with the complexities of digital infrastructure is turning out to be a problem for the administrative departments.

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