Fact Check: Is PM Imran Khan’s Latest Viral Image Fake?


Recently, an image of Prime Minister Imran Khan standing in a queue to embark on an airplane started doing the rounds on social networking platforms.

It was claimed that Imran Khan, despite being the most powerful person in Pakistan, opted to stand in line like an ordinary citizen.


PM Imran Khan Declared Best Politician Globally in Fight Against Covid-19

Here is the Facebook post in which a user made this claim.

The image has been shared by thousands of users on different social media platforms.

The claim, however, has turned out to be false.


WHO Wants World to Learn From Pakistan’s Covid Success Story

A simple reverse image search on Google shows that this image has been shared numerous times since April 2017, more than a year before Imran Khan assumed the office of the PM.

Here is a side by side comparison of both pictures.

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