Honda Atlas Delays the Launch of the New Honda City Again

Honda Atlas has reportedly decided to delay the launch of the new “City” in Pakistan, sources familiar with the development told ProPakistani.

While its hard to say the reason behind the delay, but industry insiders confirmed that a delay is likely. ProPakistani, however, could not confirm the claim independently.

To clarify the previous statement, Honda Atlas was reportedly all set to launch the new City in December of 2020. Later, it was reported that the launch has been pushed to late April or early May of 2021 due to a hindrance in the production because of the COVID-19 related issues.

Now we are hearing that the Launch of the new Honda City has been further delayed until August of 2021.


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In all fairness, Honda Atlas never officially ‘revealed’ any dates or details about the launch of the new City, so all the unofficial news floating about pertaining to its launch date has mostly been based on speculations. However, the current news seems quite probable, since Honda Atlas has not exactly had a stellar year in terms of car sales.

Last month, Honda Atlas recorded a 46% Year on Year sales increase and a lowly 28% Month on Month increase in sales, which is down by a significant degree as compared to its only market competitor at the moment i.e. Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) who recorded a 68% Year on Year increase in sales.


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The less-than-spectacular figures are also due in large part to the outbreak of COVID-19, as the countrywide lockdowns had completely seized up the entire automotive industry of Pakistan. But even after the resumption of normal business activity, Honda Atlas has not quite picked up their business as much as other automakers have.

That is most probably due in part to the fact that Honda’s lineup of cars has become – as per popular public opinion – crude and stale. There are a lot of concerns pertaining to the built quality of their flagship car i.e. the Honda Civic, whereas the City is now 2 generations old and people have quite simply grown bored from it.


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Plus the fact that Honda Atlas keeps on introducing price hikes for the vehicles without making any significant changes to the lineup or the existing products, is becoming incredibly bothersome for the buyers.

Also, there are rumors floating about in the market that Honda shall, in fact, be launching the 6th Gen Honda City in the Pakistani Market instead of the 7th Gen.


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It is pertinent to mention, however, that no such claim has been made by any valid source that is directly or indirectly affiliated with the automaker. Neither have Honda Atlas themselves, confirmed or refuted any claims pertaining to the launch of a particular generation of Honda City. With that said, please not that these rumors are merely based on conjecture.

Still, given the multiple price hikes, little to no refresh in the lineup, restlessness of the public, and the possibility of having to wait another year for the new product, things are likely to become hugely challenging for Honda Atlas in the days to come.

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