MCBAH Assigned Highest Asset Manager Rating by PACRA

MCB Arif Habib Savings & Investments Limited (MCBAH), an Asset Management Company, has achieved the highest asset manager rating of AM1, which bespeaks its excellent management and quality standards in the industry.

This is a huge recognition for MCBAH which has a track record of nearly 20 years of delivering excellent services to its clients. The rating reflects the company’s positioning as one of the leading players in the AMC industry, supported by a strong control environment, structured Investment processes, a good governance framework, and a qualified management team.

MCBAH has now crossed the mark of PKR 120 billion in Assets Under Management and it remains one of the fastest-growing Asset Manager in the local industry. Last year MCBAH recorded ~50% growth in AUM’s, due to the continuous trust of its customers generating extraordinary results.

CEO MCBAH, Saqib Saleem expressed his gratitude, “We thank Almighty Allah and all our investors for showing their confidence and trust in MCBAH which enabled us to achieve this milestone.”

MCBAH holds one of the largest retail client bases in the industry. Their diligent work and client facilitation matches their investment objectives and has made them a household name in the mutual fund industry.

To read the press release regarding the announcement please click here.

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