New leak seems to confirm ‘Black Widow’ plot and post-credit rumors

  • A new Black Widow leak says that the first Marvel movie of MCU Phase 4 will feature a cameo from one of the original Avengers.
  • Jeremy Renner, who played Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the MCU so far, will supposedly appear in Black Widow.
  • If the new rumor is accurate, it has a huge implication on a couple of major Black Widow leaks that revealed the upcoming film’s entire plot and post-credits scenes.

Black Widow should have premiered on May 1st, but Disney then delayed it to November 6th as the novel coronavirus hit the US hard. The pandemic shows no sign of stopping, and Disney delayed the film again a few weeks ago. If everything goes well with the management of COVID-19, Black Widow will premiere on May 7th.

But there has been no shortage of leaks detailing various aspects of the first Marvel movie of MCU Phase 4. We saw a couple of leaks that offered fans the film’s entire plot, including the post-credits scenes that many MCU fans want to see. Every time, we told you there’s no way to verify the Black Widow rumors, and that we’ll have to wait for the film’s premiere to see whether the leakers had accurate information on hand. A brand new leak now tells us that the Avenger we want most to see in Black Widow will appear in the film. And that has implications on the recent plot and credits-scene leaks. Warning, some minor spoilers follow ahead.

Black Widow leaks in January and, in July, said that the film would have two post-credits scenes. One of them will further advance the storyline and potentially set up the action in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The TV series was also delayed to 2021, and we speculated that the real reason for Disney’s new delay isn’t necessarily the coronavirus-related production delays. The TV show might not be able to air before we find out what happens in Black Widow.

The second post-credits scene would feature a Jeremy Renner cameo, bringing the action to the present day, when Black Widow is dead. Natasha sacrificed her life in Endgame, and Marvel got plenty of criticism for not giving Black Widow the same epic funeral that Tony Stark received.

Here’s how the January leak described the second scene:

End credit is Hawkeye in a guess the present because he’s all tatted up and shit. He’s at Nat’s grave with his kids.

Now here’s the July version of the same credits scene:

Final credits scene is Clint looking at Natasha’s grave with his kids. Nice tender moment, but honestly a bit of emotional whiplash from the twisty turning spy movie that preceded it.

Black Widow will be a prequel, and that’s something that Marvel already confirmed. The film is placed between the events in Civil War and Infinity War. The plot leaks also said that we’d get flashbacks showing other moments from Nat’s past. And given that some of the action happens in Budapest, fans must be pining for a particular type of scene set in Hungary’s capital. We’ve witnessed plenty of back and forth banter between best friends Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff about Budapest. Whatever happened in Budapest, we need to see.

That’s all the context you need before you see the brand new Black-Window-and-Hawkeye leak. Amit Chaudhari is a Twitter user who says he’s a graphics insider who handles movies and trailers localization and has access to inside information. He said that he heard from a source that an original Avenger will appear in Black Widow, and that’s Hawkeye. He said it’s not confirmed whether it’s a new scene or a pots-credit scene.

“A couple of my VFX friends are working on this movie. I think I’ve kinda heard something similar as well,” the insider said. “But it’s most likely gonna be a flashback scene and most likely deal with their Budapest mission. Film will also have flashbacks from when the trio was undercover during [Civil War].”

If there’s one Avengers that should appear in a Black Widow prequel movie, that’s Hawkeye, of course. But if the insider’s information is accurate, then the obvious implication is that the plot and credits scenes leaks might be real. Those leaks made no mention of Clint appearing anywhere in the movie but the post-credits scenes. Marvel would obviously try to hide as much as possible the Budapest scene we want to see most, which would easily be one of the best Easter eggs of the movies.

That said, we’re still looking at unconfirmed information at this time, and we have a long way to go until Black Widow premieres.

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