This New Ed-Tech Platform is Making Education Less Stressful and More Effective for Youth

The competitive world today has made studies a challenge for many students. The race for higher grades, a lack of interest in a particular subject, and exam anxiety are some of the many factors that keep many capable students from achieving academic excellence.

Together, all of these factors cause and compound academic stress that many students struggle to cope with. In the long run, this seemingly ‘routine’ stress proves detrimental to students’ mental and physical health. An innovative ed-tech platform, My Inter Academy, is aiming to resolve this.

My Inter Academy provides an effective and dependable solution to today’s stressful education culture.  It promises an interactive learning environment where students feel ‘at home’ while studying, and are able to overcome the obstacles that stop them from achieving their true potential.

Students of matriculation and intermediate from Sindh and Punjab can wholly benefit from My Inter Academy. They can access high-quality video lectures at any time of the day through the academy’s web portal for a superior and thorough learning experience.

One of the best features that the platform offers is lecture recording powered by Learning Glass’s cutting-edge Lightboard technology that ensures an atmosphere similar to attending a live lecture. There are is no new technology for instructors to master: they simply write on the glass as if they were using a whiteboard.

There is unlimited access to recorded lectures, which can be played, paused, and replayed for as many times as the students require. The availability of assessments, assignments, notes, quizzes, and games is also ensured to evaluate one’s academic progress.

To make the instruction more constructive, My Inter Academy schedules weekly assessments to help students self-assess their academic performance and work on the weak areas. Furthermore, weekly live sessions and WhatsApp groups are there for discussions and resolving student queries.

It’s pertinent to note that My Inter Academy is the working platform of the ed-tech startup Learning Pitch, a National Incubation Center (NIC) graduate that’s now at the Accelerator Plus stage and making significant inroads into the digital transformation of education in Pakistan.

It won the [email protected] ICT Award 2019 as Best Education Technology Company in Pakistan, and also received recognition in Vietnam at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) awards in the education category, making it the sole receiver of such honor.

Learning Pitch also secured the 3rd rank in the National Health Hackathon by Jazz and Ignite, making it to the top 3 out of the pool of 1,200 participants. The success does not stop there: My Inter Academy made headlines when its content was aired on the national television’s remote education venture PTV TeleSchool.

My Inter Academy aims to provide and foster an educational atmosphere that is comfortable, interesting, and engaging at the same time. It focuses on building a stress-free educational system where young minds operate more freely and efficiently. Therefore, it targets both the students and their parents.

The platform has taken measures to spread awareness about educational stress among parents, teachers, and students. For this purpose, the team of My Inter Academy has designed a digital campaign that will highlight the causes of stress, along with counseling guides for both teachers and parents.

The concept behind such measures is to reform the existing educational system to a level where the youth is able to break the barriers of the conventional academic culture and embrace the flexible, efficient, and more goal-oriented learning systems that today’s technology has to offer.

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