Govt. to Hold Online Stores Accountable For Poor Quality Products

Federal government will soon sign new legislation into law under which online shopping stores will be held accountable for spamming customers.

The e-commerce industry in recent years has witnessed a rapid growth all over the world with an increase in internet and cellular coverage. Following the Coronavirus pandemic, the e-commerce industry is booming worldwide and Pakistan is no exception.


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However, incidents of online stores spamming unsuspecting customers have increased as well with the expansion of the e-commerce sector in Pakistan.

Online stores commit a wide range of frauds, ranging from shipping low quality or mismatching items to sending no products at all despite receiving complete payment from the customers.


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Sadly, defrauded customers have no official platform where they can be heard and most of them end up sharing their predicament on social networking websites, urging others to exercise caution while purchasing products from online stores. To make matters worse, there aren’t any laws enacted in Pakistan which accords protection to customers against online frauds.

Once the government promulgates the new law, hopefully, online stores not only will be held accountable but they will be penalized as well for defrauding customers.

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