Here’s What to Expect from the New Toyota Corolla 2021 in Pakistan

Photos of the new ‘2021’ Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 have been doing rounds on social media, after which a wave of speculations has gained momentum in the market as to whether or not we’d be getting the 12th gen Toyota Corolla in our market anytime soon.

Above, is one of the photos of the ‘2021’ Toyota Corolla that surfaced on various social media platforms, which shows the same old 11th generation Toyota Corolla with a facelift in what looks like some aftermarket bumpers and side-skirts.

The 2020 Corolla facelift and it’s preceding shape, both were much more decent in terms or bumper design, while this refresh looks too brash, and not in a good way. The gloss black bumper grille in the center clashes with the silver grille above and the all-white bumper, Maybe it would look good in black.

The side skirts are a welcome change and certainly look better than the front bumper, but things get borderline ugly at the back, unfortunately. The rear bumper extension that also features a “diffuser’ looks disharmonious and cheap, turning what used to be a decent looking rear end into a hodgepodge of nonsensical design choices.

In terms of features, the car is likely to remain completely the same as the 11th gen models that came before it, except for a few reports that suggest that the top of the range Altis models shall be getting parking sensors in the vehicle.

Upon the launch of the new Toyota Yaris, rumors were being tossed around suggesting that the 12th Gen Toyota Corolla shall be making its debut in the Pakistani Market in 2020. However, the latest reports suggest that Toyota IMC is testing the 12th gen Corolla on the Pakistani roads.

Reports have surfaced about a month ago that Indus Motor Company (IMC) is planning to launch the Toyota Corolla Cross in the Pakistani Market.

The Corolla Cross is a compact crossover SUV that would directly compete with the likes of Honda Vezel, HR-V, and the Toyota C-HR. The news was revealed in a briefing by IMC, where officials stated that they will be introducing the Corolla Cross in Pakistan in 2021 and that it will initially be offered as a Complete Built-up Unit (CBU) brought in from Thailand.

These photos and this news certainly signifies that Toyota IMC might not have any plans for a new vehicle for the foreseeable future, or it could be them just giving one of the best sold Corolla models one last “hurrah!”. Whatever the case may be, remains to be seen.

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