Samsung Unveils Rugged PRO Plus and EVO Plus SD Cards

Wildlife and nature photographers tend to lose their data often due to the extreme conditions they work in. If you are a photographer, you would know how painful it is to lose weeks and even months of your work. Moreover, in most cases, you cannot make backups often.

Hence, Samsung has come up with rugged SD cards for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The SD cards are available in up to 256 GB storage capacities and can withstand extreme conditions.

According to a recent announcement by the company, these cards can survive under 1 meter of water for three days, even in saltwater. Moreover, they are drop-proof, shockproof, magnet, and X-ray proof and can withstand low (-25°C) and high (85°C) temperatures. The cards can survive 16 feet falls as well.

All this is topped with fast data transfer speeds. Apart from the 32 GB and 64 GB EVO Plus options, all the other cards in the series have a U3 class rating. The cards mentioned above come with a U1 class rating.

For those who don’t know, cards are rated U1, U2, and U3 based on their data transfer speeds. The U3 rating has a minimum write performance of 30 MB/s and is targeted at recording 4K video.

With the PRO Plus SD cards, Samsung promises a read speed of up to 100MB/s and a write speed of up to 90MB/s. The official numbers for the EVO Plus are slightly vague. Samsung only says that transfer speeds are up to 100MB/s.

These cards will be available for sale on 19th October with the following price tags:

Samsung PRO Plus Samsung EVO Plus
256 GB $50 $40
128 GB $26 $20
64 GB $17 (Nov. 8) $13 (U1 speed class)
32 GB $10 (Nov. 8, 60 MB/s writes) $7 (U1 speed class)


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