Pakistan Customs to Deploy Facial Recognition Technology for Everyone Entering the Country

Pakistan Customs will set up an automated National Targeting Centre (NTC) to identify high-risk items and persons through facial recognition technology to increase enforcement at all entry and exit points as part of the coordinated border management plan.

According to details, the NTC will be established with the support of all regional headquarters of Pakistan Customs.


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The NTC will process data from multiple sources to allow Pakistan Customs and other law enforcement agencies to identify, profile, and target risky goods, individuals, and vehicles for effective border management.

Directorate of Immigration and Passports, National Database Registration Authority (NADRA), Advance Passenger Information System, Currency Declaration System, National Customs Enforcement Network, Cargo Targeting System, Inland Anti-Smuggling Monitoring Mechanism, and other relevant authorities will supply information to the NTC.


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Besides, Pakistan Customs will also integrate a Smart Examination System (SES) in WeBOC, an end-to-end automated online goods clearance system developed by Pakistan Customs in 2011, to fast track the examination process of import and export consignments at all at ports and airports.

Pakistan Customs is also devolving a State Warehouse Management System (SWMS) for effective management of customs’ warehouses where seized and confiscated items are stored.

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