in and Lay the Foundation of Data-Driven E-Commerce in Pakistan, the leading price comparison and lead generation engine, and, a leading e-commerce platform, have signed an agreement to help nurture the local e-commerce industry through market research and mutual exchange of information.

The partnership agreement, which was made official last week, between the two parties is the first step towards a data-driven e-commerce industry.

For online customers, this partnership will provide them with better pricing, exclusive discounts, and highly personalized shopping experience. The goal for both parties is for users to be able to efficiently find the products they need at the best prices from reliable sellers.

In addition, both companies are focused on improving online customer experience based on data. User data coupled with market insights from will allow to focus more on their customers rather than their competitors, ultimately leading to an enriched experience for the end-users and a better online strategy for Telemart.

Pakistan has reached more than 38% broadband penetration as of August 2020 with 84.4 million 3G/4G connections, according to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA); yet less than 1% of retail sales are online, indicating a massive growth potential. China in comparison is at 61% broadband penetration with 38% online retail sales.


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