Hafeez Center of Lahore Burns to Ashes

Hafeez Center of Lahore, Pakistan’s biggest and one of Asia’s biggest Mobile Phones market, caught fire earlier today.

While there are no confirmed reports yet, it is claimed that an electricity short circuit erupted the fire on the second floor that engulfed major part of the building that has four stories.

Located at Lahore’s Gulberg Main Boulevard area, Hafeez Center is billed as the tech hub of the country. Known for retail and wholesale markets for smartphones, laptops, desktops and all sorts of gadgets and accessories, the building is long known for the range and variety of tech gadgets sold there.

Reports say the fire erupted around 6am in the morning on Sunday and it kept stretching to engulf the major part of the building.

Government officials, around 2pm, claimed that the fire was contained through extensive fire fighting efforts but no further details were made public.

It is yet not possible to estimate the loss of inventory or the overall damage caused by the fire, but the figures could easily be in billions.

Below are some images and moving pictures from Twitter:

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