Microsoft is Forcing Windows 10 Users to Install Office Without Permission

Another day, another intrusive Windows update, and this time, it is installing Office apps on systems without consent. Several tech publications have reported that the latest build of Windows is forcing Office web apps on your system via install links.


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Windows 10 is force restarting computers to install links to Office web apps in the start menu which are opened through Edge. Reports have said that this is not limited to Insider members and is hitting standard Windows 10 users as well. Thankfully, these apps take no storage space or resources.

However, installing web apps used to be optional before, but now Windows is forcing everyone to do it without permission and is not even informing about what’s going to happen. Once again, another Windows update has disrupted work and other important tasks for many while trying to market its online productivity suite, which is ironic.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the matter.

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