Rawalpindi Seeks NOC to Construct a Bus Terminal at Islamabad International Airport

Rawalpindi district administration has sought a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that would allow it to begin construction of a bus terminal within the premises of the Islamabad International Airport (IIA). The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Rawalpindi, Anwar-ul-Haq was the one to reach out to CAA to ask for the NOC.

The development took place following a meeting among the members of the District Transport Authority (DTA) whereby the Transport Secretary Mehr Ghulam Abbas informed the attendees of the air-conditioned bus service that has been started from Rawat til IIA.

However, since the buses are not yet permitted to enter the airport, the passengers face problems.


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The DC has reportedly written a letter to the CAA seeking a NOC for the construction of a bus terminal at the airport. However, realizing that the approval and the construction of the terminal could take some time, DC has also requested the CAA to temporarily allow the buses to enter the airport for the ease of the passengers.

Furthermore, most of the passengers that avail this bus service are reportedly the airport staff. They say that because the entry of these buses is not allowed on the airport premises, the staff finds it incredibly hard to travel between the airport and their homes. The taxi fares are too much and are reportedly doubled by night time.


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As for the bus service, it reportedly has 10 air-conditioned mini-coaches that run on 2 different routes. One of the routes starts from Rawat, goes through the Soan bus terminal, Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench, Fauji Foundation, district courts, and Kutchery Chowk, and then to IIA via Peshawar Road. The other route follows the same general stops and goes all the way up to Taxila.

The travelers of that route, especially the airport staff reportedly has to face a lot of trouble getting from any point to the airport because of the lack of affordable public transport. The only transport allowed in the airport are taxis, Careem, and Uber, but they are incredibly expensive and most of the time, hard to find. A terminal within the airport or even within walking distance can be of great convenience for daily travelers.

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