Xiaomi Announces The World’s First 80W Wireless Charging Technology

Earlier this year, the Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi showcased its 40W fast charging technology boasting the technological advancement it had achieved. Now, just in the span of 9 months, the company has announced its latest 80W wireless charging solution promising to top up a 4000 mAh battery within 19 minutes and 50 percent within 8 minutes.

The company’s previous record for the highest fast charging was 50W seen on the Mi 10 Ultra launched in August this year. Now the new 80W wireless charging, according to Xiaomi, can charge up a 4,000 mAh battery in just under 20 minutes.

Only recently, a well-known tipster Digital Chat Station revealed that smartphone companies are already working on developing 100W fast charging tech. Given that Xiaomi has already reached 80W, the goal of 100W wireless charging doesn’t seem impossible.

Even though the Chinese OEM has not revealed a timeline as to when we can see the new technology in consumer electronics, it is pretty clear the company has come a long way as far as wireless and fast charging is concerned. Initially, Xiaomi had introduced support for wireless charging in Mi MIX 2S with only 7.5W charging speed, and in 2019, the company bumped it up to 20W with the Mi 9.

Nevertheless, the question of battery degradation and heating is still in the picture with such high speed charging solutions. We’ll have to wait and see how Xiaomi deals with them.

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