You Can Now Verify The Amount of Fuel You Get at Petrol Stations in Islamabad

The federal government has offered vehicle owners in Islamabad a facility to measure the quantity of fuel given by a fuel dispenser at any petrol station in the city. Reportedly, some of the petrol pumps were accused of “speeding up” the meters, which meant less fuel went into the tank for more money.

The government has offered this facility to people to check for themselves whether or not there’s foul play in that regard. The said development reportedly took place on Sunday, whereby the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Hamza Shafqaat said to the media,

The facility is being provided under the Islamabad Capital Territory’s (ICT) initiative ‘Quantity on Spot Check’ to remove concerns about incorrect measures at petrol pumps.


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He further added that the facility is intended to develop a sense of trust between motorists and fuel stations’ management, as well as to keep a keen eye on short measuring done by any fuel station in the city. He highlighted that initially, the facility will be made available at all Shell petrol stations in the city and that more fuel stations across the capital shall be added to the list.

He further reported that there are dedicated teams that are running checks and conducting raids at the fuel stations within the capital territory, and sealing any petrol station on the spot that is involved in any kind of malpractice.

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