iPhone 12’s MagSafe Charger Works On Android Phones As Well

One of the key features of the new iPhone 12, apart from 5G, is the magnetic ring around the wireless charging coil that sets the basis for what Apple calls the MagSafe accessory ecosystem. All the new iPhones have this, which allows them to snap on a range of accessories like wallets, mounts, and wireless charging pads.

For the iPhone 12 series, Apple has come up with the MagSafe charger, which is actually Cupertino’s first foray into wireless charging for iPhone after it pulled the plug on AirPower in early 2019.

We all know how Apple always focuses on exclusivity. However, some of its products designed exclusively for Apple products have ended up working with other devices as well. This is true for the MagSafe charger as well.

Since the MagSafe charger works on the Qi interface, any device supporting the standard can be charged. The peculiar part is, the charger can snap on to other devices as well.

Recently, Max Weinbach tweeted that he tested out the MagSafe charger on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, which has its own set of magnets to help it stay closed, and it worked just fine. The charger managed to attach to the foldable. However, the charger snaps away if the phone is shaken aggressively.

Apart from this, when Aaron from Zollo tech tested the new Google Pixel 5 MagSafe charger, it managed to hold on quite well and snapped right in place.

It is important to note that the charging speeds in both cases were not what was specified for the new iPhone series.

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