Google Drops Out of Top 3 Most Valuable Brands in The World: Report

Interbrand, the global brand consultancy firm has released its latest ranking on the world’s most valuable brands and we now have an updated list for the top 3 names. According to this ranking, Apple is currently the most valuable brand in the world with an estimated value of  $323 billion, and Google is no longer in the top 3.


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Apple is followed by Amazon and Microsoft on the list where Amazon currently stands as the second most valuable brand with a value of $200 billion, recording a 60% growth compared to last year. Microsoft showed an impressive 53% growth as well, overtaking Google’s position on the list with a value of $166 billion.

Google went down two spots after a 1% yearly decrease and with a value of a little more than $165 billion. Other notable names on the list included Samsung in the 5th place, Intel in 12th and Facebook in 13th, Instagram on 19th, etc.

Keep in mind that these figures are not the net worth of the companies and are simply how much their brand is valued at. For instance, Apple’s current market value goes up to $2 trillion, whereas its brand is estimated to be worth $323 billion according to Interbrand.

Source: Interbrand

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