iPhone 12 Teardown Reveals Interesting Details About The Phone [Video]

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are set to go on sale tomorrow and just ahead of their release, a teardown video has been posted by Century Weifeng Technology giving us a closer look at the 6.1-inch iPhone 12.

Check out the video down below.

The overall build of the phone is similar to the iPhone 11, but there are some key differences and an updated design. The logic board is bigger than before and that mostly has to do with the new 5G components. The 5G modem has been recognized as Qualcomm’s X55, which aligns with rumors we saw before the release.

However, it features Apple’s own antenna design, hence the thinner form factor.

Although the logic board is bigger than before, Apple has managed to make other components either smaller or slimmer this time around. The OLED assembly is thinner and the taptic engine is smaller as well. However, the battery capacity has disappointingly been reduced to 2,815 mAh, which is 15% less than the iPhone 11.

We can also see the magnet assembly on the new MagSafe at the back. The ring is entirely made out of magnets that make it easy for accessories and chargers to seamlessly snap to the back of the phone.

We recommend watching the videos for more details.

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