Skardu Gets the World’s Highest Baseball Field

Sports like Baseball are relatively new to Pakistan and do not get much attention in the country. Pakistan Federation Baseball (PFB) has been making valiant efforts to promote the sport in the country.

World Baseball Softball Confederation (WSBC) announced yesterday that Skardu is now home to the highest baseball field in the world. The city will officially be the highest baseball field in the world after hosting an upcoming inter-district baseball championship.


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Coors field in Denver, Colorado, USA was previously the highest baseball field in the world at 1,564 metres (5,130 feet). Skardu baseball field is at an altitude of 2,228 metres (approximately 7,310 feet).

PFB recently announced an inter-district Baseball Championship to be held in Skardu. The championship will be played on October 29 and 30, while an exhibition match between Pakistan Greens and Pakistan Whites is scheduled for October 31st. International Pakistani players are expected to take part in the match.

PFB has also announced to open a National Baseball Academy in Skardu, likely to be inaugurated on October 31st.


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PFB President Syed Fakhar Ali Shah said, “This will promote baseball and further increase the trend of tourism, which is also the vision of this government.”

Pakistan is currently ranked number 27th out of more than 80 countries in the WSBC World rankings, and steps such as these will help to increase their chances of climbing up the world ranking ladder.

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