Al-Haj Group Brings Zhong Tong Luxury Buses to Pakistan

Al-Haj Group, a Pakistani automotive group, has brought an additional fleet of Zhong Tong Luxury buses to Pakistan.

The previous lot was brought in by the conglomerate 3 months ago that consisted of 20 buses in Complete Built-Up (CBU) form. A new batch of the same buses has been brought in today, as reported by a renowned auto-journalist Hanif Memon on his Facebook page.


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Credits: Hanif Memon

As per a report shared 3 months ago by, Al-Haj Automotive had signed an MoU with the Chinese Automaker Zhong Tong by late 2019, whereby both companies agreed on the import of 50 buses to Pakistan in CBU form and on the sharing of technology and cooperation in the development of Complete Know Down (CKD) unit assembling plant in Pakistan in the future.

The agreement also affirmed that Al-Haj shall be given the manufacturing and sales rights and assistance for various buses being produced by Zhong Tong. The automotive group and Zhong Tong agreed on the local production of luxury buses as well as city buses of a different variety, sizes, specifications, and seating capacity.

Credits: Automark Magazine

The buses shall feature high torque, turbocharged diesel engines that can allow the buses to roll on the highways at high speeds while remaining fuel-efficient.

On the inside, the buses have comfortable, lounge-style reclining seats, loads of legroom, plenty of overhead luggage space, interior lighting, air conditioning for each passenger, and a partition that divides the front and rear half of the bus. The front half supposedly has single-person seats as well, as opposed to the rear half, which only has double seats.

On his Facebook post, Hanif Memon said that the next batch of buses is set to arrive by mid-December, 2020.

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