Pakistani Man Launches the Country’s First Ever Portable Camping Trailer

Portable camping trailers might just become a new ‘in thing’ in Pakistan soon, as a resident of Pakistan, Usman, seeks to start this new trend by introducing the first-ever Pakistan-made “teardrop” portable camping trailer to the masses.

The trailer was revealed to the people via a Youtube channel known as Survival Man. The maker of the trailer, Usman, told that the trailer is made from scratch, using MDF sheets that have been bonded together using epoxy glue.


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The exterior also features a special black epoxy body paint, some aluminum trim at the bottom, mud-guards that are also made up of aluminum, and a storage box made of iron at the front. In terms of dimensions, the whole trailer is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet high. On the roof, there are 2 solar panels of 80 watts each – to power up the trailer.

On the inside, the trailer has ample lighting, sleeping accommodation for two people, a couple of storage cabinets, a charge control unit, and a few switches along with a couple of power outlets to charge one’s mobile, laptop, etc. There is also an AC current socket to power up the cabin via a generator if the battery power runs out.

On the outside, there are some items that are essential for camping, which include:

  • External Shower on the side of the trailer that can be used in a pop-up shower tent
  • A geezer unit for hot water
  • A blast-proof LPG cylinder and a Lead Storage Battery that powers up the trailer (both located in the front storage unit)
  • An industrial plug that can be hooked up to a generator
  • And a full kitchen in the rear that is complete with:
    • Storage compartments
    • A sink
    • A dedicated cutlery drawer
    • A portable cooler for keeping food and drinks
    • A burner unit that runs on butane gas or LPG, to cook food.
    • A compartment for the water tank.

The trailer rolls on 12-inch tires, of which there are 3 with the trailer, including one spare. The suspension of the trailer consists of a torsion bar leaf-spring setup, which implies that the ride will be very bumpy if you decide to be in the trailer while it is rolling.

The trailer can be towed to the back of the car and can be taken anywhere with ease. The exact weight of the trailer was not revealed, but given that it is made almost completely out of MDF, it is likely to not be too heavy. As of right now, the whole package can be yours for Rs. 800,000.

This is a unique, yet promising development for the Pakistani travel and tourism industry as a whole. If normalized, this new trend can create a revolutionary wave of positive development in the travel and tourism sector of the country.

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