Pakistani Tech Company Develops Drones to Plant Thousands of Trees in a Day

ForresOn has been collaborating with SAARC and KPK Govt to plant trees using drones at multiple cities.

What is ForresOn?

ForresOn is an Islamabad based technology company that specializes in creating large self-flying drones for forestation & precision-agriculture purposes. They have a panel of experts from UAV building, software, and agronomy with over a decade of experience.

What do they do?

They are building a fleet of giant self-flying drones capable of planting thousands of trees in a single day. As a matter of fact, they’ve built it. But throwing seeds from the air just isn’t enough in this age of climate crisis. So they’re literally firing seed pods from the air to ensure maximum germination and growth. But even that wasn’t enough, so they built an entire end-to-end automated ecosystem that:

– Figures out exactly where to plant trees using ForresOn’s analysis scout drones

– Monitors the life-cycle, growth, height, and health of trees regularly using ForresOn’s AI/DL powered spectral signature sensing drones

– Sprays trees, plants, and crops with the exact amount of fertilizers, pesticides and water needed using ForresOn’s spray drones

All of ForresOn’s drones are built in-house. The components such as propellers and motors that cannot be manufactured in Pakistan are imported from other countries.

Anyone can make or import drones, that’s easy, they’re doing a lot more than that. ForresOn’s R&D is focused on the seed gun that fires the seed pods, the software that analyzes the vegetation and landscape, the AI/DL that assesses the tree growth, the controllers that spray the exact amount at the exact location, and the avionics that control everything automatically.

ForresOn’s drones have been designed keeping hilly and inaccessible areas in mind where the manual plantation isn’t viable. The vegetation of North Pakistan is quickly deteriorating and is in need of urgent reforestation. ForresOn drones can help increase the green cover efficiently and on scale.

What have they done so far?

ForresOn isn’t just a tech company, they believe in pushing innovation onto the field and creating value from it. They have collaborated with the Government of KPK to conduct various plantation missions at hilly areas where access by foot is nearly impossible. These areas include Haripur, Kahuta, and Chakri where ForresOn’s drones conducted scores of missions to plant trees at scale.

For ForresOn’s most recent venture, they collaborated with SAARC to plant thousands of trees at Margalla Hills using ForresOn’s drones. The top leadership of SAARC Energy Center and representatives of multiple countries were present on-site to witness the groundbreaking. They dispersed about 32kg of seed at hectares of barren and inaccessible hills of Margalla. Ipil ipil, phulai, and robinia were some of the species being planted using automated flights. They also did sentinel-satellite and drone-based surveying of the area first to figure out ideal spots for plantation. This campaign was a huge success for the forestation ecosystem, and field-tested ForresOn’s capability as well.

Why do they do this?

For Pakistan, climate change is a problem even greater than COVID-19 and terrorism. Pakistan ranks #7 when it comes to climate change impact, and wide-spread migrations are expected in the next few decades triggered by droughts and heatwaves.

Trees are a tested and proven antidote of climate crisis. And they at ForresOn help make the process of planting trees easier, scalable, efficient, and more successful.

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