PCB Changes Points System to Bring Aggressive Cricket to Quaid-e-Azam Trophy

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to amend the points system in this edition of Quaid-e-Azam trophy. PCB has introduced a result-oriented points system in order to encourage the teams to play an exciting brand of cricket.

The premier first-class domestic competition of Pakistan cricket, Quaid-e-Azam trophy is set to commence from 25th October in Karachi. The matches will be played at four different venues in Karachi, with the final to be held at National Stadium Karachi from January 1-5.


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According to the new points system, 16 points will be awarded to the winning team, including all the bonus points, while 5 points will be awarded for a drawn game and 8 points for a tied game. Both teams will earn 5 points in case the game is abandoned.

To indulge the batsmen in playing attacking cricket, according to modern standards, PCB has decided to introduce a bonus point system. The balance between batsmen and bowlers has been maintained with bonus points for both categories.


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Batting bonus points are for first innings only and could be earned within 100 or less overs:

200 runs 1 point
250 runs 2 points
300 runs 3 points
350 runs 4 points
400 runs 5 points


Bowling bonus points are for first innings only and could be earned within 100 or less overs:

3 wickets 1 point
6 wickets 2 points
8 wickets 3 points


Extra Bowling Bonus Points; for first innings only and could be earned within 100 or less overs:

All out 1 point 300 Runs or less
All out 2 points 250 Runs or less
All out 3 points 200 Runs or less


Apart from the changes to the points system, PCB has amended certain playing conditions. The changes have been made for teams refusing to take part in the match.

  1. The match shall stop there and then and will not be restarted
  2. Opponents will be given a walk-over with maximum points
  3. The Playing XI and the officials of the defaulting team shall be banned for 12 months (it will be a global ban)
  4. All central contracts of that team will be canceled
  5. The team can still play the event with replaced players/officials
  6. The points scored during that match will be nullified

PCB has made valiant efforts to increase the standard of the domestic structure of Pakistan cricket, after a hugely successful National T20 Cup, Quaid-e-Azam trophy promises to be yet another tournament with high-quality cricket on display.

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