Xiaomi Unveils Waterproof Graphene Electric Heater

Winter is rapidly approaching, and as per usual, Xiaomi is well equipped to provide products to keep us warm. The Chinese brand’s ecological chain company Smartmi Technology has officially unveiled the Smartmi Graphene heater that will be available for $120.

As the name says, the heater uses graphene that ensures a 99% conversion rate of electric heat. This allows for minimal energy loss during operation. The heater uses a new and innovative GFM structure with a heat dissipation area of ​​7116cm², which is 48% larger than the previous generation.

Smartmi Graphene Heater

The heating element of the device is coated with a graphene far-infrared heating element that improves the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the heater, making it 60% better than conventional heaters.

The combination of thermal radiation and convection allows it to achieve rapid and balanced heating, which makes sure there is no uneven heating or slow heating with any heating mode.

The main power knob has three different power levels including 900W, 1300W, and 2200W. There are also temperature control buttons and once it reaches the desired temperature, it will stop heating the room and go into a heat preservation state. It can be set down on the floor and can also be mounted to a wall as well.

Smartmi Graphene Heater

Additionally, the heater is also IPX4 waterproof, meaning that it can be used in bathrooms just as much as it can be used in bedrooms and living rooms. The internal circuit design is fully equipped with a waterproof protective shell so that it can easily take splashes and operate normally.

Safety features such as automatic shut down in case of overheating is also included.

The product is already available for 799 Yuan (~Rs. 19,000) and will be discounted during the 11.11 sale to 599 Yuan (~Rs. 14,400). There is no word on an international launch yet.

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