ECS: Spreading Positivity in a Pandemic

A popular local women’s footwear brand, ECS, has shown us all how to tackle a pandemic and what brands can do to give back to their communities. In a year, where uncertainty and difficulty has been a major theme, ECS has stood out for its absolute compassion. Through their ‘BUY1GIVE1’ initiative, they have managed to spread comfort and love.


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What a heartwarming initiative by ECS♥️ I was a part of this campaign last year too and will be shopping at ECS again on September 11 ✨ Make sure everyone you know hears about this! Let’s spread happiness through #ECSBuy1Give1 ! #StepIntoElegance @shopecs

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For the second year running Ehsan Chappal Store (ECS) have collaborated with Baitussalam, an NGO primarily focused on the welfare of the underprivileged. Last year, the objective of their campaign was to help the needy celebrate Eid and the initiative was launched near the end of Ramzan, resulting in a massive turnout. This year the objective was more about easing hardship, to spread kindness and comfort to those most in need of it.

As before, ECS made a promise to its customers that for every pair of shoes they purchased on 11th September, the brand would donate a brand-new pair to women and children in need, across the country. To our delight, the initiative was a huge success and once again, thousands of shoes were purchased and equally donated!

ECS managed to truly capture the essence of social responsibility by allowing their valued customers to not only purchase their favorite shoes, but to also simultaneously make a difference in the life of a complete stranger. Customers were also delighted with this initiative, with many writing beautiful and touching messages intended to reach those receiving the donations.

Despite the Corona scare, thousands of customers came out to support this cause with the sole intention of spreading comfort and compassion in the lives of those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. It’s been heartwarming to see one of our own local brands stand beside its community in this daunting time and offer comfort and hope.

For many, this may appear to be just another campaign by a brand but to those who have benefitted from this, ECS is beacon of hope. Let’s strive to always be a part of such wonderful initiatives and keep the good work going.

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