Telenor Microfinance Bank Distributes COVID-19 Care Packages

With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, health and the economy have been the two major areas of concern that have taken the brunt of the damage. Yet, while doctors, nurses, and paramedics received overwhelming support, financial services were also deemed as an essential service, resulting in tireless efforts of staff present at bank branches to facilitate customers during these challenging times.

Being one of the premier microfinance banks in the country, Telenor Microfinance Bank recently took steps to make sure that the branch staff receives appreciation for their efforts during the last six months. The Bank’s branches continued to serve customers amid lockdowns while users also had access to financial services via the Bank’s digital platform Easypaisa and over 150,000 associated agents across the country.

CEO Telenor Bank / Easypaisa, M. Mudassar Aqil meets with customers on his visit to one of the Bank’s branches in Karachi.

Although everyday life for most people has returned to normal, reports suggest that a second wave of COVID-19 infections may be imminent. In light of these challenging times, senior management of Telenor Microfinance Bank visited some branches of the Bank led by the CEO, M. Mudassar Aqil to interact with the team members who are working tirelessly to play a part in kick-starting the economy and meet with the Bank’s customers.

While inquiring about the well-being of the customers, the management also distributed COVID-19 care packages which included essential items for protection from coronavirus.

CEO Telenor Microfinance Bank, M. Mudassar Aqil pictured here with the branch staff during his visit.

Even though strict lockdowns were imposed in the country a few months ago to contain the virus, the economy has slowly and gradually retained itself and the credit goes to the brave men and women who continue to serve customers at branches despite imminent risks to their own health and well-being.


CEO handing over COVID-19 care packages to customers.

The CEO also interacted with customers, taking their feedback regarding the Bank’s services while advising them to follow safety protocols to protect themselves and their families.

 The Bank’s security personnel, the frontline workers who deserve greater respect for ensuring the safety of others were also appreciated. While handing over care packages to the security guards posted at the branch, the CEO thanked them for their hard work during the crisis.

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