Xiaomi’s New Water Purifier Can Filter 2.5L of Water Per Minute

Xiaomi’s latest edition Mi Water Purifier H1000G has been released only a few days after the Mi Water Purifier H600G. The latest model brings the most water purification capacity, as well as the most water-saving and fastest water output so far.

The Mi Water Purifier H1000G is able to purify 2.5L of water in just 1 minute which is the average water supply need of a home. The company claims that it has a stable 3:1 pure/wastewater ratio, which is higher than the national first-class water purifying efficiency.

The machine uses the double reverse osmosis (RO) filtration technology. Water is filtered by the main RO membrane and is filtered once again through a secondary membrane. These membranes use pressure transition filtration on each stage with low noise and cost.

The three-stage filter element includes several components such as PP cotton, pre-activated carbon, scale inhibitor, post-activated carbon, etc. As for cost, one water purifier can last 3 years, and using it for three years costs less than a cent.

It also has a smart faucet with an OLED display of its own that can show the water purification status. It has a horizontal suction filter element and a water storage tank. Additionally, the purifier can be paired with the Mijia app where users can check water quality, filter life, and other information in real-time.

The Mi Water Purifier H1000G will be available for $595 once it goes for sale over the weekend.

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