Apple Patents a Crack Resistant Display for Foldable Smartphones

Several patent applications in the past have pointed towards Apple working on a foldable phone and the latest one is no different. A recently uncovered Apple patent shows that the company may be working on a crack-resistant protective layer for foldable phones which will be significantly more durable than the current technology. The patents were uncovered by Patently Apple.

The patent filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office describes how a curved, flexible, or foldable display could use a hard coat layer to prevent cracking. Since a glass fracture usually occurs due to the presence of micro-cracks, this hard coat layer will fill pre-existing micro-cracks to make it harder for the display to suffer a noticeable crack.

There will be an additional layer on top of the display with sufficiently high hardness and tensile strength to act as an extra protective layer and increase overall durability, against punctures and scratches.


Needless to say, if this ever ends up on a retail product, it could give Samsung and other current-generation foldable phones a run for their money. However, even if Apple plans to implement it on a final product, it will likely be a while before we get to see it on the shelves.

Regardless, we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt as it is only a patent.

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