Coronavirus outbreaks are surging in these 35 states


  • Coronavirus cases are now surging in 35 states across the country.
  • Experts fear that the infection rate and coronavirus death toll will increase dramatically over the next few weeks as colder weather settles in.
  • A top infectious disease doctor recently said that the next 6-12 weeks “are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic.”

One of the frustrating aspects of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. is that it could have easily been over by now if people simply adhered to coronavirus safety guidelines like social distancing and mask-wearing. Instead, we’re fast approaching November and the pandemic is worse today than it’s ever been. Across many states, infections, hospitalizations, and deaths have been trending upwards for quite some time.

The latest coronavirus data in the U.S. is jarring and discouraging, to say the least. The daily average for new coronavirus cases over the past week now stands about 73,000, a figure which is higher than we’ve ever seen before. Over the past two weeks, coronavirus cases across the country have shot up by 39% while coronavirus-related deaths are up by 13%.



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What’s particularly concerning is that the rise in new coronavirus cases isn’t just happening in a few isolated states, as was the case when we saw a coronavirus surge back in July. On the contrary, coronavirus infections are spiking at a worrisome rate across dozens of U.S. states. In fact, there are 35 states currently seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases.

According to recent data from The New York Times, the 14 states below are currently seeing massive spikes in new coronavirus cases. Note that the figures below represent an average change over the last two weeks:

  • Wyoming – Cases are up 91% and deaths are up 300%
  • Idaho – Cases are up 36% and deaths are up 135%
  • Michigan – Cases are up 83% and deaths are up 112%
  • New Mexico – Cases are up 91%, deaths are up 58%, and hospitalizations are up 99%
  • North Dakota – Cases are up 41% and hospitalizations are up 31%
  • South Dakota – Cases are up 41% and hospitalizations are 31%. That’s not a typo, the Dakotas bizarrely have the same states.
  • Wisconsin – Cases are up 46% and deaths are up 113%
  • Montana – Cases are up 29% and deaths are up 128%
  • Rhode Island – Cases are up 105% and deaths are up 71%
  • Nebraska – Cases are up 25% and deaths are up 118%
  • Tennessee – Cases are up 36% and deaths are up 45%
  • Illinois – Cases are up 64% and deaths are up 59%
  • Kentucky – Cases are up 60% and deaths are up 43%
  • Indiana – Cases are up 42% and deaths are up 68%

21 other states seeing a worrisome uptick in new coronavirus cases include Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

As it stands now, there are only a handful of states where coronavirus outbreaks are under control. That list includes Delaware, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii.

Looking ahead, the situation isn’t all that encouraging. Earlier this month, Dr. Osterholm, the head of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, went on NBC’s Meet the Press and said that the next 6-12 weeks are going to be the “darkest of the entire pandemic.”

Osterholm’s full interview can be seen below:


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