Nokia’s Leaked Internal Document Reveals New Flagship Phone in The Works

Recently, HMD Global’s official internal document revealing the company’s future plan leaked on the internet. The document details a couple of key points, however, the most interesting was that a phone named Nokia 10 is in the works. From the looks of it, the Smartphone will be a successor to the Nokia 9 PureView.

The document does not list any specifications but instructs the employees not to talk about the impending smartphone in any case.

A large part of the document was dedicated to future plans that include making it to the top three smartphone manufacturers in the next five years. Apart from this, HMD Global plans on promoting their Smartphones with the latest Google innovations. This does not come as a surprise since Google and Qualcomm invested in the company about two months ago.

One of HMD Global’s key selling points will be “Pixels for every price category” with clean Android – the way Google intended.

Last but not least, the document mentions the guidelines future Nokia events must follow, and one of them is to not compare Nokia phones directly to other brands. As per the document, the key markets that the smartphone manufacturer aims to target are India, China, Russia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA.

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