Harley Davidson Introduces Serial-1: A Premium E-Bicycle Manufacturer

In a recent development, Harley Davidson introduced the world to a new E-Bicycle manufacturer called Serial-1. Reportedly, the company’s product line is set to make an official debut in early 2021.

Given that the manufacturer has been introduced by Harley Davidson, Serial-1 is also likely to be classified as a premium brand. The looks of their E-Bicycle certainly suggests so, with the bike’s retro design, a classic spring-loaded seat, a premium looking handlebar, the classic whitewall tires, the illuminated badge on the front, and the frame design reminiscent of the Harley Davidsons of the old, making it one of the best looking e-bikes in the market.

As far as the technical details go, the bike has a mid-drive pedal-assist motor that is belt-driven rather than chain-driven, through an internally geared rear hub of the bike. The pedal assist works such that the motor assists the pedal action with electric power, reducing the effort put in by the rider’s legs. The pedal action in return recharges the battery.

Credits: Serial 1 Cycles/Harley-Davidson

The company has not yet revealed any vital information about the motor, but experts say that the bike is likely to have a top speed of 20 to 26 miles per hour, at which point, the motor turns itself off as the bike continues to coast along.

Since this bike would be belt-driven and not chain-driven, they wouldn’t have a front and rear derailleur to switch gears, instead, there is going to be a single sprocket or cog that will be connected to the rear hub. The gears are located in the rear hub and are engaged via an electronic mechanism with the use of switches on the handlebar. The bike features disc brakes, both on the front and the back.

Credits: Serial 1 Cycles/Harley-Davidson

The battery, like any other e-bike, is likely to be situated in the downtube of the bike’s frame, which seems to be a questionable placement for the battery from a safety-standpoint since it is a critical part of the E-bikes that powers up most of the components from the motor to the braking system and everything in between.

Still, e-bikes are indeed one of the future means of transportation that are yet to be normalized. However, with the companies like Harley-Davidson and Serial-1 making them seem like a “cool thing” it is only a matter of time before they are appreciated by a larger audience.

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