Is iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield Better Than Regular Smartphone Glass? [Video]

The iPhone 12 series features a new “Ceramic Shield” on top of the display that is touted to improve drop resistance as well as scratch resistance. Unsurprisingly, it still scratches at level 6 on Moh’s hardness scale just as ordinary glass does, showed JerryRigEverything’s latest durability test.


iPhone 12 Teardown Reveals Interesting Details About The Phone [Video]

During Zack’s usual scratch test, the iPhone 12 Pro’s screen scratched at a level 6 and showed deeper grooves at level 7. Though the scratches did appear to be fainter than usual, the results were no different from ordinary smartphones. This isn’t exactly surprising as Apple often loves to use buzzwords for marketing that bring no real improvements.

Otherwise, the iPhone 12 performed remarkably well during the test. The stainless steel sides and matte back panel are quite scratch resistant and so is the camera bump. The burn test did not damage the OLED display at all, even after more than 30 seconds of exposure. This was likely due to ceramic being less conductive of heat.

The overall build of the phone is quite sturdy, showing no bends or flexing at all during the bend test.

We recommend watching the full durability test for details.

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