United Bravo’s Price Drops Following a Decrease in US Dollar Value

As reported recently by, United Motors (PVT) LTD. has decided to decrease the price of their Bravo hatchback, following the depreciation of the US dollar in the market. As per the recent update, the vehicle now costs Rs. 1.1 million instead of Rs. 1.2 million. Furthermore, the company says that the new prices shall become effective from October 29th, 2020, which is today.

Three months ago, shortly after the resumption of business activities following the easing of  COVID-19 lockdowns, United Motors announced a massive price hike of Rs. 240,000 for Bravo, after which the price of the vehicle went from Rs. 985,000 to Rs. 1,199,000. The company said that the increase in price was due to a massive depreciation of the local currency.

Bravo’s rivals are the Suzuki Alto and Prince Pearl in the budget car segment. The Alto VX is priced at Rs. 1,198,000, and Prince Pearl which is arguably better in terms of looks, features, and build quality, is priced at Rs. 1,150,000. This now makes Bravo the cheapest option in the segment once again, at Rs. 1,099,000.

The Bravo has received a polarizing reaction from the get-go, with a lot of its owners complaining about the build quality and the overall design of the car, despite its range of features and affordable price when it was new and competing with Mehran.

However, credit where credit is due, because for the first time, perhaps in a long time, an automaker in Pakistan has decreased the price of the car after increasing it, citing an issue that has now been resolved. More or less every manufacturer resorted to the depreciation of the rupee being the reason for the price hikes, but no one slashed the prices of their vehicles once the value of the rupee was restored, except United, and for that, they should be commended.

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