Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Does Not Charge at 120W

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is one of the most powerful Smartphones offered by the Chinese brand. It is also one of the only phones in the market that supports 100W+ fast charging thanks to Quick Charge 5.

However, unlike most other fast charging phones, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is shipped with a 120W GaN charger in the box so you can experience 120W fast charging straight away. Most other brands either ship slower chargers or chargers with no fast charging at all.

However, a battery charging test performed by Android Authority shows that the Mi 10 Ultra does not actually charge at 120W but at a much slower rate instead. Regardless, it is still faster than most devices on the market.

The test showed that the charger begins to draw power at 92.3W when it’s first plugged in but drops to 86.4W for most of the charging duration. The phone only receives 80.1W, which takes 21 minutes to charge an empty cell completely. The temperature at 80W charging speed was 43.8°C, which is higher than the ideal temperature of 40C.

This shows that charging a phone at 120W could raise the temperature much higher than that.

The handset was also charged at 50W which took 29 minutes to charge the empty battery completely and the peak temperature was 39C. The difference in charging speed was not much even though there was a difference of 30W.

Although it is safer to not charge a phone at 120W, it is disappointing to see that the Mi 10 Ultra is falsely advertised to feature the technology.

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