KleinVision’s Prototype is The Ideal Flying Car [Video]

It seems that in the next 3 to 5 years, flying cars will become something of a norm, as numerous engineering and manufacturing firms are fiddling with the idea of flying vehicles. About 5 months ago, we learned that China shall soon be getting unmanned flying taxis, after one of their aerial vehicles Ehang 216 took a successful flight in public. But now it seems that China is not alone in this pursuit.

In a recent development, one of the tech-startup known as KleinVision conducted a road test and a test flight of one of their flying cars for the world to see. The Slovakia-based startup posted a video on Youtube and other social media platforms of their AirCar prototype successfully taking flight soaring through the sky and driving around like a normal vehicle.

The AirCar, unlike many other flying vehicle concepts, seems like a natural evolution of a basic car design. That is because it is a basic, road-ready 2 seater car that can become an airplane with the push of a few buttons. As per the manufacturer, the car features a 1.6-liter BMW engine that makes 140 horsepower, has a flying range of 620 miles, and can fly at speeds of up to 124 miles per hour.

One of the things that the company laid great emphasis on is that unlike its Chinese rivals, this flying vehicle can actually be driven around on the road like a normal vehicle. Remarking further on this capability, co-founder of KleinVision Anton Zajac said:

With AirCar you will arrive at your destination without the hassle of getting a ride to [an] airport and passing through commercial security, you can drive your AirCar to the golf course, the office, the mall or your hotel and park it in a normal parking space.

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