Here’s one store where you might be able to get a PS5 on launch day

  • Anyone who wants to snag Sony’s new console on the PS5 release date — good luck to you, since preorders have been sold out for a while now.
  • While it seems that most North American retailers won’t have units in-store on launch day, an official Target Twitter account offers some hope.
  • According to Target, if you buy a PS5 from the retailer and select either the pick-up in-store or drive-up option, you should be able to get your console from Target on launch day or thereafter, since the retailer will apparently have units to sell in those specific instances (so, no walk-up purchases).

Anyone who wants to get their hands on Sony’s next-generation gaming console in-store on the PS5 release date of November 12 — well, we’ve already noted here that finding either the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition in store will be a challenge. That’s because reports have suggested multiple retailers won’t be stocking those Sony consoles, or for that matter that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, on store shelves for the initial release.

However, one of Target’s official Twitter accounts on Tuesday made an important point clear in response to a user’s question about PS5 in-store availability. You can check out the response below, but basically, it seems that you’ll be able to pick up a PS5 from Target on launch day — provided, you’ve ordered it online first. So, no walk-ins.

This Target Twitter account had originally confirmed, in response to a different Twitter user, that the PS5 would be “Available 11/12/2020 in-store.”

On Tuesday, the retailer clarified that you won’t simply be able to walk in and buy a unit. You’ll have to buy it online and specify either in-store pickup or drive-up delivery:

Once Target works through that initial batch of the early orders, you can probably expect the retailer to start selling any PS5 units directly in-store without the preorder requirement — something that, fingers crossed, could happen as soon as December or January.

Compare this with a retailer like Best Buy, which apparently won’t have any PS5 units (or Xbox Series X/S units) “allocated to stores for the launch date and until further notice.” That’s according to a tweet from Marlon Gaming Nation a few days ago, which shared a Best Buy employee news alert that you can check out below:

PS5 preorders sold out in a matter of hours, so it seems for now that the only way to have a chance of taking advantage of the Target availability is to open the retailer’s website on the November 12 release date, refresh it a bit, and see if you get lucky and can buy it online to pick up in-store. It’s certainly understandable that everyone who missed their chance to preorder is now wondering when and how they will have another opportunity.

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