Toyota IMC Introduces Corolla X-Package, Increases Prices By Upto Rs. 100,000

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced the revised prices for Corolla Altis along with the launch of the new ‘X-Package’.

For those wondering, the X-Package includes some upgrades over a standard Corolla such as an All-Black Interior, passenger seat belt sensor, parking sensor, and a new body kit for the car that’s intended to make it look more aggressive.

However, reports add that the black interior choice shall only be available in the Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 Automatic, which is the most expensive variant of the vehicle. The rest of the lineup gets only the body-kit, parking sensors, and passenger seatbelt sensors.

Although the changes are sparse in the new ‘X-Package’, the price differences are quite significant. Furthermore, it’s not yet clear as to whether or not these prices are just accompanied by just the X-package, or if the package is an option or a standard addition to the entire lineup.

Following are the new prices of the Corolla lineup:

VehiclePrevious Price (PKR)Revised Price (PKR)Price Increase (PKR)
Corolla Altis 1.6 Manual3,159,0003,219,00060,000
Corolla Altis 1.6 Automatic3,309,0003,369,00060,000
Corolla Altis 1.8 Manual3,479,0003,549,00070,000
Corolla Altis 1.8 CVT Automatic3,629,0003,699,00070,000
Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 CVT Automatic with Beige Interior3,899,0003,979,00080,000
Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 CVT Automatic with Black Interior3,899,0003,999,000100,000

The value Pakistani Rupee has gone up against the US dollar, however, the automakers continue to increase the prices of their vehicles. The balance of power might finally shift for the better once the new entrants, of which there are plenty in line, finally hit the market.

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