SHC Challenges Law that Exempts Motorbike Side-view Mirrors

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has demanded an explanation from the provincial government and the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sindh Traffic Police Department regarding a petition that challenged the provincial law that exempts motorbikes from having side-view mirrors.

Notices were issued to relevant government representatives and the DIG Sindh Traffic Police on Wednesday to submit their remarks about the petition.

The petition was heard by a two-judge bench headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar. The petitioner’s lawyer informed the judges of the exemption and stated that a helmet-wearing motorcyclist’s vision is highly compromised, especially in the absence of side-view mirrors, which often causes accidents.


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Backed by this statement, the lawyers have requested the bench to consider repealing the law and introducing fines for motorcycles without side-view mirrors. The SHC has requested the government officials and the DIG Sindh Traffic Police to submit their comments on the matter by the next hearing.

Last week, the SHC reportedly sought a written explanation from the provincial government for the continued use of CNG cylinders in vehicles and was ‘furious’ at the government for recurring CNG cylinder-related accidents. The court reportedly admonished the concerned authorities for not formulating and ensuring safety standards for the installation and use of CNG kits.


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A representative of the transport sector told the court that the ban on CNG cylinders in public transport vehicles is still in place. In response, one of the petitioners, Advocate Tariq Mansoor, said that the recent CNG cylinder-related accidents imply that the ban is not being imposed effectively.

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