Cloudfare And Apple Introduce DNS Protocol to Protect your Data

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Cloudflare and Apple have teamed up to develop a new DNS standard that will help protect your data online. This new protocol is called Oblivious DNS over HTTPS (ODoH) and it allows you to anonymize information that is sent before you connect to a website.

This protocol works by introducing a proxy server between you and the DNS server. This lets you send requests and get responses without letting the DNS server know who requested the data. It also adds encryption to the system to make sure that only the DNS server can read your requests.

Thanks to this, you end up with a proxy server that cannot read your requests and a DNS server that does not know where the requests came from.

However, keep in mind that this does not mean that your data will be protected from your ISP in all cases. ISPs route all your other traffic so they still may be able to build a profile of you, but this DNS Protocol does add an extra layer of security to protect your data online.

Cloudflare has already added the new protocol to their DNS service, but it may take a while before internet browsers and operating systems will be able to support it. The companies have not provided a specific timeline for when DNS over HTTPS (ODoH) will become available to everyone.

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