This calculator reveals your place in line for the COVID-19 vaccine

  • The New York Times has prepared an online calculator tool that will help estimate your place in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine.
  • The FDA on Thursday is set to take action on Pfizer’s request for an emergency use authorization for its coronavirus vaccine candidate.
  • Healthcare workers in the US are among those expected to receive the first injections of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine starting this month.

Based on my age, health factors, and location, among other things, it turns out that I’m behind some 5.8 million people in the state of Tennessee before I’ll be able to get the coronavirus vaccine. Those are people estimated to be at higher risk than me in the state, while on a national basis it’s estimated that I’m in line behind 268.7 million people who will need a COVID-19 vaccination before me.

Whew, talk about a wait. I found this out thanks to an unofficial calculator tool prepared by The New York Times. Plug in data specific to you to determine your own situation. The calculator will produce an estimate to answer the question that’s likely on everyone’s mind right now and which is also a popular Google search query (“When can I get the COVID vaccine?“) but do note: This is just an estimate and not official by any means.

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For one thing, a final determination as to the vaccine’s rollout has still not yet been settled. States could each set their own frameworks, though it’s expected that most if not all will follow whatever final guidelines the CDC recommends. The NYT calculator, meanwhile, combines vaccination distribution proposals from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as one from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Tomorrow, the FDA is set to meet, talk about, and take action on the request for an emergency use authorization from Pfizer for its coronavirus vaccine candidate. Meantime, millions of health care workers in the US will be first in line to start being vaccinated this month — but much more work remains to be done to get the vaccine to everyone.

For starters, mass vaccination sites in many states still need to be set up that adhere to social-distancing protocols. Also, states need to obtain more personal protective equipment to get this done. “It’s incredible that we have vaccines with high levels of initial efficacy in such a short period of time,” Dr. Sema Sgaier, a co-founder and the executive director of the Surgo Foundation, told the NYT.

“But the vaccine is not going to be a silver bullet for a while.”

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