Cambridge Announces New Exam Series Schedule For Pakistan

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has announced to hold three exam series in March, June, and November 2021.

In an official statement, CAIE stated that three exams series would help keep students safe amid the Coronavirus pandemic and allow them to progress at the same time.


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While explaining the rationale behind organizing three exam series next year, Chief Executive CAIE Christine Özden said an optimum solution for one country can be unhelpful or unworkable for others because schools in different countries are in different situations.

In some countries, schools have reopened and are now teaching full timetables. In other countries, schools are still facing disruption and may have lost teaching and learning time. In others, schools have been closed and will remain closed for some time ahead.


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Therefore, CAIE has come up with a strategy that will work for many schools, allowing them to manage both the impact of the pandemic and make exams as fair as possible at the same time.

Besides, CAIE has also allowed schools to request exemptions from components, such as speaking tests and science practicals,  for the next year’s exams series if the COVID-19 situation makes it impossible to interact directly with students and to access equipment.

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