HBO Max is crushing it right now because of shows like this one

  • Topping our list of the most-watched TV shows across the major streaming platforms this week is HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant.
  • The show stars Kaley Cuoco as the flight attendant in question who wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead body.
  • The Flight Attendant is based on a New York Times-bestselling book of the same name.

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, you’re probably aware by now that HBO Max has been dominating entertainment industry news headlines this week even if you’re only a casual consumer of pop culture and not necessarily a ravenous news junkie. It has to do with the decision from HBO Max’s parent company to debut every single Warner Bros. movie in 2021 on the streaming platform on the same day that each movie is released in theaters. With that one stroke, the company has vaunted its nascent streaming platform into the top tier — the ranks of which are dominated by the likes of Netflix and Disney+ — while also leading to much hand-wringing over the future of movie theaters, and whether this puts one more nail in their coffin. Or even welds that coffin shut for good.

A streaming platform is nothing without quality original content, though, and HBO Max is no doubt betting that its small-but-growing stable of HBO Max Originals (along with third-party, licensed content) will help keep viewers sticking around in addition to the big movies debuting on the platform next year. Along those lines, there’s a fantastic HBO Max original series that actually tops our newest weekly list of the most-watched TV shows from your favorite streaming services — and you can read on to learn more about it as well as to get the low-down on what else is dominating the streaming chart this week.

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The data for this week’s list comes via the streaming search engine service Reelgood, which shares a summary with BGR every week, and it covers December 3-9. What it reflects is the viewing activity of Reelgood’s several million monthly users across the platform — who, as we alluded to above, made the Kaley Cuoco-led HBO Max drama The Flight Attendant the most-watched streaming series for the week across all of the major platforms.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what you need to know. Per HBO Max, this is “a story of how an entire life can change in one night. A flight attendant (Kaley Cuoco) wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man — and no idea what happened. The dark comedic thriller is based on the novel of the same name by New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian.”

Maybe you haven’t gotten around to checking this one out yet because you were dissuaded by the presence of a former Big Bang Theory cast member. Ignore that connection, though — here, Cuoco has fully shed the mantle of Penny from next door, playing a much more worldly, richer and frankly interesting character. Before, I would have found it hard to see her as anything but Penny whenever I saw her post-Big Bang Theory. Cuoco’s role in this new HBO Max series, however, will be the first thing I think of whenever I see her, going forward.

Overall, the show is just splashy enough and juuuuust this side of not too much of a campy soap opera kind of thing to be the perfect quarantine binge. I admit, I was turned off by the description of the show, at first, but I’m glad I gave it a try. Cuoco’s flight attendant is supremely likeable, and it’s fun in a way I wouldn’t have expected to watch her and her friends try to solve the murder that she seems to be the prime suspect for, all while the FBI is hot on her trail. Side note: I wish Zosia Mamet’s character could give me some legal advice too, once she’s done getting Kaley Cuoco’s flight attendant out of one jam after another.

Of course, when you’re done with The Flight Attendant, there’s no shortage of great additional streaming content to keep you busy as 2020 winds to a close. I, myself, will be checking out the latest episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+ later today, because God help Moff Gideon if he hurts little Grogu.

Meanwhile, here are the 10 most-watched TV shows across the major streaming services for December 3-9, per Reelgood:

  1. The Flight Attendant
  2. The Undoing
  3. The Mandalorian
  4. The Queen’s Gambit
  5. Yellowstone
  6. Fargo
  7. His Dark Materials
  8. Big Sky
  9. The Crown
  10. Euphoria
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