Google Services Partially Restored After Sudden Outage Worldwide

Multiple Google services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Adwords and Adsense, and Google Pay, are experiencing outages around the world. Initially, Google search was not working either, but the service is up and about now.

Hundreds of reports regarding the outage are pouring in on down detector from across Europe, the US, Canada, India, South Africa, countries in Central and South America, and Australia. Many users have taken to Twitter to report the issue.

According to the down detector, the first reports started coming in at around 4 PM PST. However, Google has still not detailed the reason behind the outage. At the time of writing, over 9,000 reports have come from users unable to access YouTube. A similar outage was reported on Gmail.

Google has announced that it is working on the matter. However, the company has not been able to point out the issue and seems rather sluggish in dealing with the matter. It looks like an unprecedented failure of the system.

Nevertheless, thousands of people around the world working from home are being majorly affected as more than 2 billion users are currently locked out of their email inboxes, cloud storage, documents, and Watch Later playlists. The company faced a similar outage back in August but recovered rather quickly.

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