Karachi Gets 52 Highly Advanced Fire Trucks

A Chinese company has provided 52 well-equipped fire-trucks to Karachi for enhancing the city’s fire-fighting capacity. This batch of fire-trucks is different from the traditional fire-fighting vehicles, which can only stop and spray water. Until now, Karachi had only 14 operational fire-trucks, as 30 trucks were not operational due to technical issues.


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During a standard send-off ceremony, a demonstration of the fire-trucks’ vehicular functions was conducted by officials. The new and re-adjusted high-pressure water guns were tested in the demonstration to assess their efficiency.

The new fire-trucks are expected to enhance fire-fighting at varying levels of emergency and provide strong support for public safety in the region. According to reports, Karachi has had more than 52 incidents of fires in shopping malls and supermarkets in the last four years. Government officials and associates are hopeful for curbing damage caused by these fires in the future.


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The project has been supervised by Prime Minister, Imran Khan, and it will contribute to a sound China-Pakistan relationship.

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